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Who is organizing the PhD Job Fair?


The PhD Society Leuven (PSL) organizes the PhD Job Fair. Particularly, the PSL Career Team is the one coordinating the event. The PSL is an association (vzw) open to all PhD students and Postdocs at K.U. Leuven and in Belgium. It is dedicated to help young researchers to extend their personal, international network beyond their circle of friends and the borders of their respective research unit. All members are volunteers.


More important, the PSL provides various opportunities to these young academics to further develop their professional and social skills in a dynamic and international environment, complementary to their academic endeavors. These goals are met by organizing (interactive) social, academic and career-related events, by researchers for their fellow colleagues. These are the 3 pillars – the heart – of PSL:


Three pillars


The PSL is sustained by three pillars; academic, social and career-oriented:

  • Academic – skill sharing, academic collaboration, peer-to-peer reviewing.

  • Career – job prospectives, in industry or in academics.

  • Social – free-time activities.



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