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What is the On-line CV Book?


The On-line CV Book helps Job Seekers and Companies to meet each other!


After a Job Seeker registers to the fair, he/she receives the information on how to submit his/her CV to our database. During registration, Job Seekers can point out one or more companies they would like to work in.


Starting from October 1st, Companies participating to the fair will have the opportunity to post job vacancies as well.


From November 25th, the Companies participating to the PhD Job Fair will be able to download the submitted CVs, and the posted job vacancies will be visible to Job Seekers.  


In this way, Companies and Job Seekers will have the opportunity to make each other noticed already before the fair! :)



Submit a job vacancy!


Check out Job Seekers CVs

Submit your CV!


Check out vacancies!

* You will receive SIGN IN information after registration

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