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 Lucia Smit


Lucia Smit was born in the Netherlands (1969). In 1992 she received a bachelor in Applied Economics and in 1994 a joint masters degree in Environmental studies at the University of Utrecht and Communication and Innovation studies at Wageningen University. She started her career as a consultant in policy research and communication. In 2000 she joined the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, were she was involved in a large study on the careers of PhDs working in the private sector in Flanders. She became member of the international OECD expert group on the Careers of Doctorate Holders. In 2010 she earned a PhD degree in Sociology. Currently she is heading BRAINGAIN. BRAINGAIN trains PhDs en postdocs in defining their values and career goals, discovering their career options, networking, illustrating their skills, writing cover letters and CVs and preparing for job interviews.

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