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Take the opportunity to provide a hands on experience session about your company or product to innovative young minds through an interactive training.


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PhD Job Fair 2016 workshops

What kind of job in an economy in transition?

The way businesses operate is changing rapidly. What does it mean to find a job in a world in transition? What set of skills do you need in the company of tomorrow? In what way can employees with a PhD help businesses to make a transition towards more sustainability?


In this seminar representatives of companies ranging from start-ups to SMEs and larger companies will discuss what sustainable business means to them and how it impacts the way companies operate. Join the discussion and maybe catch a glimpse of your future job!


The Science of Recruitment

Studies reveal the age of ‘post & pray’ is over. Sending your CV to a company is insufficient. A more pro-active, networking approach increases the opportunities.

What is your dream? Are you a purple cow? How to become a thought leader? Where can you find matching companies? How do you combine ‘tech & touch’?

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to discover competencies, match them with interesting employers and use different social media channels to facilitate your job search and increase your personal branding.

Are you looking forward to learning new ways to advance your career beyond academia through LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the biggest online platform where professionals and companies/recruiters come together, so your presence is essential ! Most PhD’s make a basic profile on LinkedIn when they start their PhD and then completely forget about it being so busy with research and stuff. Completely normal but also a missed opportunity.  

In this workshop you will learn how to use LinkedIn actively without making it a time sink but a tool to :

  • Develop a professional online profile to complement your cv

  • Research jobs and different career paths

  • Search for organizations in your chosen industry or sector

  • Make contacts with people working in your chosen sector

  • Connect with alumni for insight and advice

  • Make sure as many people as possible know what you want to do professionally


Don’t miss out on this occasion to learn to online network as a pro! 

Your career so far and beyond: social security in Belgium.

Pension? Health insurance? Family allowances? Unemployment benefits?


After years of study you have obtained a PhD. Now it’s time for the next step, but what about your social security?

In this workshop we will try to give a broad picture about:

  • How social security is organized in Belgium

  • Which social security rights you have opened during the time that you were working at KU Leuven

  • What happens when you will leave KU Leuven for another employer: payments, holiday allowances and end-of-year bonus and deductions by your new employer…

This workshop is given in twofold on the job fair. One Dutch session and one International session. For this workshop, subscription is necessary and can be done by clicking the links below:

Dutch Version: Click HERE

International Version: Click HERE

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